About the SDO San Juan

Learning Resource Management System

The Learning Resource Management Section (LRMS) is the arm of the Curriculum Implementation Division of the School Division Office of San Juan City that implements the mandates of the framework of the Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS) of the Department of Education. To wit, the LRMS supports the development and distribution of adequate and varied learning resources to teachers and learners in both the formal Basic Education and Alternative Learning systems. The SDO San Juan Learning Resource (LR) Portal provides an online repository for available learning resources where teachers and learners can download these for their utilization in different given learning modality situations. It is with the best effort of the Division Team to realize the vision of San Juan City to be a Smart City by maximizing the use of online platforms to store learning and teacher resources for the use of the whole Schools Division Office of San Juan City.

Division LRMS Team

Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo

Education Program Supervisor

Anthony James H. Vizmanos

Project Development Officer II

Vilma T.


Division Librarian II

School LRMS Coordinators

Vanessa A. AndalLR CoordinatorSJNHS
Juvi D. FiestadoSchool LibrarianSJNHS
Jayson SimbajonICT CoordinatorSJHNS
Ma. Christina O. BrisuelaLR and ICT Coordinator SJES
Maureen Angela E. Del MundoAsst. LR Coord.SJES
Gina R. CristobalLibrary-in-ChargeSJES
Susan L. GohilLR CoordinatorSES
Jayza O. JustinianAsst. LR Coord.SES
Maridel M. MasangkayLibrary-in-ChargeSES
Sheila Mae G. MarianoICT CoordinatorSES
Jemar Anthony M. AbilaLR and ICT CoordinatorSPES
Arlene Joy P. RogelLibrary-in-ChargeSPES
Vanessa A. LegaspiLR CoordinatorKES
Maria Russell G. ElardoLibrary-in-ChargeKES
Claire Collen ObietaICT CoordinatorKES
Rovillio A. NolascoLR CoordinatorWCES
Maria Josephine M. OxidaLibrary-in-ChargeWCES
Eveary Lauren C. Dela CruzICT CoordinatorWCES
Dyanarha Y. MusniLR Coord. and Lib.-in-ChargeSJCSHS
Christian A. De GuzmanICT CoordinatorSJCSHS
Micah A. MelorinLR Coordinator PCES
Jerny F. GellangICT CoordinatorPCES
Liezel Ruth C. NalusLR Coordinator and Library-in-ChargeNIES
Ericka Ann G. JimenezICT CoordinatorNIES
Janejane A. TalayLR CoordinatorSLES
Jayson SimbajonICT CoordinatorSJHNS